Patch Notes 10.05.2018
May. 10

[New and Improved Systems]

Casual Ranking System

  • Hall of fame will display various top users from previous event and skill ranking seasons.
  • Event ranking displays the top 100 users from Parkour mode.
  • Skill ranking displays the top 100 users for various popular game modes.
*Updated daily at 6 am UTC

Auto Side Swap System

An automatic Side Swapping system has been applied to Search and Destroy matches.
Once a set amount of rounds have been played, Blacklist and Global Risk will swap sides.
Allowing you to play on both GR and BL during a match.

*This option can be turned ON or OFF by the room host.

[Ranked Season 5]

The ranked season is back, and we've added lots of new features to put your skills to the test!
  • Two new ranks and various improvements have been added!
  • The maximum ranked score has been increased to 10,000 points!
  • Ranked FFA has been removed
  • The ranked score is visible for yourself and other users (after placement games are completed)
New Ranks include:
  • Master 1-6 rank
  • Top 100 (Top 100 users from Master 6th class are selected for Top 100 rank)

[Color Customization]

[VVIP] AK-47 Beast Eye
Color customization option has been added to the AK-47 Beast Eye!
  • Select the customization button on your AK-47 Beast Eye to access these settings
  • For a limited time, the AK-47 Beast Eye will appear on sale in the VVIP Shop (40% discount)


TDM Parkour: Space Jump

[New RP Capsules]

Scorched RP Capsule I
  • AK-47-K-Scorched Demon
  • AK-47-Scorched Beast
  • AWM-Scorched Dragon
*Lasts for 2 weeks

[New GP Capsules]

AEK-999 GP Capsule
  • AEK-999
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