Patch Notes 11.10.2018
Oct. 05
[Modes/Maps]Mutation Mode - Kitchen[New RP Capsules]Red Eagle RP Capsule Python-Red EagleM240B-Red EagleM200 Cheytac-Red EagleGold Phoenix RP Capsules III AK-47-Gold PhoenixBarrett-Gold PhoenixKAC-Gold PhoenixKukri-Gold Phoenix***Bug fixes***An issue where the BC Axe-Autumn Camo has a repair gauge.An issue where the Scythe Crab Claws-Cancer has sound issues.An issue where the VVIP M4A1-S-Guan Yu r...
Patch Notes 27.09.2018
Sep. 20
[Modes/Maps]Event Mode - Sheep Battle[New RP Capsules]BC Axe Collection Capsule BC Axe-Autumn CamoBC Axe-Furious DragonBC Axe-Red SpiderwebBC Axe-Gold PhoenixAK-47 Collection Capsule AK-47-S-SakuraAK-47-St. Patrick's DayAK-47-S-Red LacquerwareAK-47-Knife-Lozenge Camo*Lasts for 2 weeks[New GP Capsules]P90-Camo GP Capsule P90-Camo[New Mileage Shop Weapon]Kar 98k - Winter Camo (Permanent) - 30000MP*A...
Patch Notes 13.09.2018
Sep. 12
[Modes/Maps]Search and Destroy - New Satellite[New RP Capsules]Ronove RP CapsulesM4A1-C-RonoveAK47-Scope-Ronove*Lasts for 2 weeks***Bug Fixes***An issue where the FAD said it had a +10 ammo buff.An issue where the AK12 Iron Spider Noble Gold didn't state its +5 ammo buff.An issue where the FAD would be labeled as a SMG, once the VVIP Thompson-Infernal was equipped. An issue where the DX character ...
Patch Notes 06.09.2018
Sep. 06
[Modes/Maps]Fatal Canyon Refresh version - Biohazard 3• Expert and Nightmare difficulties added• Beat Wesley Long Bill in 5mins to trigger the bonus mission (Only in the new difficulties) • Beat Bonus mission to receive a Bonus Mission Box• New Support Items (Gold Drone/Gold Flag of Restoration)Fatal Cayon Bonus Mission Box• AWM Marlin (Permanent/30days)• AWM Marlin f...
Patch Notes 16.08.2018
Aug. 14
[Modes/Maps]Weapon Master (TDM) - Mexico[New RP Capsules]7th Anniversary RP CapsulesM4A1-XS-Eternal DragonBarrett M82A1-Eternal DragonSteyr TMP-Eternal DragonShovel-Eternal Dragon*Lasts for 3 weeks[Mileage Shop Weapons]Kar 98K - Winter Camo (3 Days)AK-47-B (3 Days)D.Eagle-Crystal (3 Days)*Starts 1st September***Bug Fixes***An issue where the Crazy Mutant and Mutant Hulk had a description issue for...
Patch Notes 02.08.2018
Aug. 01
[Modes/Maps]Parkour Map: Taichi Space[New RP Capsules]Chroma Set CapsulesAK-47 ChromaDesert Eagle-ChromaB.C Axe-ChromaRazer Set CapsulesM4A1-RazerAWM-RazerGatling Gun-Razer*Please note these are only available for purchase through the razer event page for a limited time. These capsules CANNOT be purchased in-game.[System Changes]Plus Mission items have been replaced with Capsule Coupons in player ...
Patch Notes 19.07.2018
Jul. 18
[Modes/Maps]Event Mode: Cops and Robbers[New RP Capsules]Noble Beast RP Capsule VII M82A1 - Noble SharkD.E.-Noble El Dorado*Lasts for 2 weeks ***Bug Fixes***An issue where Server/Channel name overlapped the FPS counter in game.An issue where the text on the Predator Circus map was backwards.An issue where the Elimination Map Arena 2 did not have PSG-1s on either side.An issue where players would b...
Patch Notes 05.07.2018
Jul. 04
[Color Customization][VVIP] M4A1-S-Iron BeastColor customization option has been added to the M4A1-S-Iron Beast!Select the customization button on your M4A1-S-Iron Beast to access these settingsFor a limited time, the M4A1-S-Iron Beast will appear on sale in the VVIP Shop for 81,000 RP (40% Discount)[Modes/Maps]Search & Destroy: SampaTeam Death Match: Stadium 2018[New RP Capsules]Prime Beasts ...
Patch Notes 20.06.2018
Jun. 19
[New VVIP]VVIP:[VVIP] Guan Yu Package - 150000 RP M4A1-S-Guan YuGlock 18C-Guan YuVVIP Effects:[VVIP] M4A1-S-Guan Yu effects:Emergency Attack - PistolEmergency Attack - Magazine ThrowUltra Fast Reload SpeedSpecial AttackAll Rifles in bags gain extra ammo200% EXP Boost for you30% EXP Boost for All Players20% GP Boost for All Players[VVIP] Glock 18C-Guan Yu effects:Auto firing 5% EXP Boost for you2% ...
Patch Notes 07.06.2018
Jun. 04
[New Character]Masha - 9500 RP An Elite Sniper, hailing from behind the Iron Curtain, with a confirmed kill count numbering in the hundreds.*Removed after two weeks.[Modes/Maps]Bot Team Death Match: Egypt [New RP Capsules]Digital Camo RP CapsulesTar-21-Digital CamoQBZ-03-Digital CamoUSP Match-Digital CamoDSR-1 DC ***Bug fixes***Fixed an issue where the M14EBR-Xmas Red Ribbon was using the Characte...
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