Patch Notes 14.02.2018
Feb. 13
[Map] Snow Valley - You’ve been ordered to a secret base, up in the mountains. Complete the mission, Mercenary![Capsule]Valentine 2018 RP Capsule - Get one of the four beautiful Knight Blue weapons from this capsule, with a special offer! Collect at least 3 different Knight Blue weapons and receive a Jungle Knife-Knight Blue at the end of the event!MSBS-5.56 GP Capsule - Get this new assault...
Patch Notes 01.02.2018
Jan. 31
[Map]Drillship - Global Risk has found a new source for materials. Work as Black List to sabotage that or as Global Risk to defend your resources![Capsule]Noble Beast IV RP Capsule - The Noble Beast series is one of the most liked in Crossfire. With this capsule we present you with the M82A1-Born Beast-Noble Gold and the Shovel-Born Beast-Noble Gold!SR99 GP Capsule- A solid rifle with a scope! A s...
Patch Notes 18.01.2018
Jan. 18
[Mode]Team Escape Mode - There’s a VIP hanging around and that VIP is protected! Depending on which team you play in, protect that VIP and escape or hunt down all BL mercenaries.[Map]Old Town - A classic town setting for you to play the new Team Escape Mode. We’re sure you will soon know all the lasers and escape routes![Capsule]Final 2017 Capsule - You voted for your favourite weapons...
Patch Notes 04.01.2018
Jan. 03
[Map]Bank - Defeat the opposing team inside this bank building![Capsule]Gold Phoenix Capsule II - The precious AWM-Gold Phoenix and D.E.-Gold Phoenix in a brand new capsule with special offers! [Weapon]AWM-Gold Phoenix - Snipe your foes in style, with this gold decorated beauty of an AWM! D.E.-Gold Phoenix - One of the most classy Desert Eagles out there. It’s just beautiful! [Items]Happy Ne...
Patch Notes 21.12.2017
Dec. 19. 2017
[Map]Christmas Map - It’s like coming home for Christmas - Play on our Christmas map again![Christmas Sales]Bonus RP offer - 25% bonus RP for all recharges between 21st and 26th December!Launch offer for the 2 new VVIP weapons - Get the AK-12-Knife Iron Spider and the Subject Alpha character with a launch discount, and receive permanent Xmas Brick and Xmas Grenade as bonus rewards!Discounts ...
Patch Notes 07.12.2017
Dec. 07. 2017
[Map]Toy Castle - Get involved in playful, yet deadly games in this playground for grown mercenaries![Weapons]Steyr TMP-Gold Black Dragon (Gold Black Dragon RP Capsule) - What a beauty, it has a dragon on it. A dragon!CBJ-MS (Dual Hatchet GP Capsule) - A hundred shots in a very light SMG - watch out![Events]Weekly Featured Map - Have fun in the Toy Castle and go back to the real Castle the week af...
Patch Notes 23.11.2017
Nov. 23. 2017
[Black Friday]Bonus RPReceive 25% Bonus RP on all your RP purchases between 23rd and 29th of November! Black Friday Frenzy - New VVIPThe all new Desert Eagle El Dorado is available at a stunning price of 80,000 RP. Black Friday Frenzy - Discounted Packages13 amazing packages with big discounts to cater for all tastes and prices, ranging from 3,000 RP to 183,000 RP! Black Friday Frenzy - Capsules ...
Patch Notes 09.11.2017
Nov. 09. 2017
[Mode] Boss Brawl - You and your friend against the rest of the world...well, against two other players actually. Play as a boss monster and use your unique skills to prevail in this PvP mode! [Weapons] AK-47-Knife-DMZ-OptimusKukri-OptimusAI-G.-OptimusM4A1-S-Dual Mag-OptimusDual Colt-OptimusBlack Knife-Optimus [Capsules]Optimus RP Capsule AAK-47-Knife-DMZ-OptimusKukri-OptimusAI-G.-Optimus Optimus ...
Patch Notes 26.10.2017
Oct. 26. 2017
[Maps]Halloween - The beloved Halloween Event Map is back! Play it in Elimination Mode and Team Death Match![Weapons]9A-91-Halloween 2017IAS-Halloween 2017Dual Colt-Halloween 2017M82A1 Barrett-Halloween 2017Grenade-Halloween 2017[Items]2017 Halloween Spray2017 Halloween Namecard[Capsules]It’s Halloween time and that means we have a brand new Halloween capsule with brand new weapons for you! ...
Patch Notes 12.10.2017
Oct. 11. 2017
[Maps] -Ankara 2.0 - new S&D map requested by you in our survey. Fight it out in the ancient streets of Turkey![Weapons]- M4A1-S-Iron Beast-Noble Gold- B.C-Axe-Beast-Noble Gold[Capsules]Two new Noble Gold weapons in the Noble Beast RP Capsule III. Buy packs of 30 or 50 capsules to receive additional FREE capsules on top! Noble Beast RP Capsule III- M4A1-S-Iron Beast-Noble Gold- B.C-Axe-Beast-N...
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