Patch Notes 12.10.2017
Oct. 11
[Maps] -Ankara 2.0 - new S&D map requested by you in our survey. Fight it out in the ancient streets of Turkey![Weapons]- M4A1-S-Iron Beast-Noble Gold- B.C-Axe-Beast-Noble Gold[Capsules]Two new Noble Gold weapons in the Noble Beast RP Capsule III. Buy packs of 30 or 50 capsules to receive additional FREE capsules on top! Noble Beast RP Capsule III- M4A1-S-Iron Beast-Noble Gold- B.C-Axe-Beast-N...
Patch Notes 28.09.2017
Sep. 28
[Maps]Refinery - new S&D map and the winner of our community survey. You wanted to have it, here you go![Weapons]5 CFS 2017 Celebration Weapons and the comeback of CFS 2016 Weapons War Fan[Items]- CFS Spray- CFS Name Card[Capsules]6th Anniversary RP Hyper Capsule- M82A1-Divine Dragon- M14EBR-Silencer-Divine Dragon- Desert Eagle-Divine Dragon- Kukri- Divine Dragon This special anniversary capsu...
14.09.2017 Patch Notes
Sep. 13
[Mode]Weapon Master - Master all weapons in this special Free-For-All mode! [Weapons]VVIP M4A1-S-Prism BeastTokarev TT-33 GP WeaponM4A1-GuitarGold BarScorpion EVO3A1 [Capsules]Rock and Gold RP Capsule (for a limited time only!)- M4A1-Guitar- Gold Bar Scorpion EVO3A1 GP Capsule- Scorpion EVO3A1 [Events]- Weapon Master Launch Event - Play the new mode to receive rewards!- 6th Anniversary Showdown -...
31.08.2017 Patch Notes
Aug. 30
[Maps]Aquarium (TDM)[Weapons]M4A1-S-Gold PhoenixCop 357-Gold PhoenixB.C-Axe-Gold Phoenix[Capsules]Gold Phoenix RP Capsule- M4A1-S-Gold Phoenix- COP 357-Gold Phoenix- B.C.-Axe-Gold Phoenix Old Passion RP Capsule- AT15-Afghan- CETME Ameli- Brick There are special set bonuses if you buy 10-packs, 30-packs or 50-packs of the Gold Phoenix and Old Passion capsules. Also, there are special offers on 5 di...
17.08.2017 Patch Notes
Aug. 17
[Mode]Ranked Season 4[Maps]Fatal Canyon (Biohazard 3)[Weapons]VVIP Shovel Born BeastAN94 (from GP capsule)SR-25 Burning Shot (from RP capsule)Powered Fist (BIO3 reward)Anaconda-Fast Draw-Fatal Wasp (BIO3 reward)P90-WildShot-Fatal Wasp (BIO3 reward)CETME Amelie-Fatal Wasp (BIO3 reward)M14EBR-FatalWasp (BIO3 reward)AWM-Longbill (BIO3 reward)[Items]Attack Drone (BIO3 reward and RP item). Note: the At...
01.08.2017 Patch Notes
Jul. 31
[Mode]Big Head Mode is finally here!The more you kill, the more your head grows, the easier you are to hit.Note: in the scoreboard, the Death column and Status (=Ping) column are overlapping.[Maps]Museum (Team Death Match)Arena 2 (Elimination Mode)[Weapons]HK G28 - GP Weapon[Items]Big Head Spray and Name Card[Capsules]Noble Beast RP Capsule- AWM-Infernal Dragon-Noble Gold- Desert Eagle-Born Beast-...
08.06.2017 Patch Notes
Jun. 07
[Maps]Metro (Ghost Mode)A highly requested Ghost Mode map is finally here. Get ready to haunt![Capsules]Seasoned Veteran RP CapsuleM4A1-C-Aqua AuroraFR-F2 RustyAK-47 Knife BSDesert Eagle-A-Toy Blue Ocean RP CapsuleMP5K A4-BreezeAPR338-BreezePython-Breeze [VVIP]Due to popular demand the duration of the reduced price for the AK-47 Knife Born Beast has been extended by 2 weeks.The VVIP weapon will be...
24.05.2017 - Patch Notes
May. 23
[Map]Colombia map - A fan-favorite Elimination map arrives to Crossfire EuropeTeaser: Metro map (Ghost Mode) will be next, coming on June 8th [Capsule System]The capsule system has been renewed, with new features to improve the player experience and brand new coupon rewards, including 3 new permanent weapons. Note: Players will keep the coupons they had before the patch, and can now exchange them ...
05.11.2017 - Patch Notes
May. 11
[Maps]Forbidden Palace - Team DeathmatchFight in the fortified sanctum of the Emperor![Capsules]Painting Series Capsule - including the MAC-10 Painting, the SR-3M Painting and the Falcon OP99-PaintingStellar Alignment Capsule - including the 9A-91 Scorpius, the M14BR-Taurus, the TRG-21-Aries, the I.A.S. Gemini and the M1896-Libra[Packages]Buster Mega Pack: includes 50 Electric Buster Capsules + 50...
04.20.2017 - Patch Notes
Apr. 19
[Mode]Biohazard 3Get ready for a new version of the PvE mode, Biohazard 3!A new mode based and inspired on Wave Mode and Biohazard 2 Mode, with classes for you to use, so you can get an advantage against AI monsters, and skills for you to rank up to be stronger![Maps]You’ve been asking for them and here they are:Seizure - Team Death Match (TDM Sniper Only)Snipe your enemies in Global Risk na...
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