October RP Recharger Bonus
Oct. 01-Oct. 31
Get rewarded for your first purchase 10,000 RP or more this month!
Monthly Arsenal - October
Oct. 01-Oct. 31
Fulfill your tasks and grab your reward!
October Weekend Party
Oct. 05-Oct. 28
Play for two hours and get 2014 Halloween Mega RP Capsules. Enjoy 200% to 400% EXP & GP bonus!
Ghost of the Halloween Past
Oct. 18-Oct. 25
Your chance to buy selected classic Halloween Capsules at our Webshop!
In Devil's Kitchen
Oct. 11-Oct. 24
Resist the Predator in the Kitchen and grab yummy rewards!
Event Event
Oct. 16-Oct. 22
Complete games daily on different Event Modes for pretty rewards!
Crossfire Stars 2018 National Finals - Europe Live Stream
Oct. 21-Oct. 21
Watch the live stream on 21st October!
Catch a [MOD]
Oct. 21-Oct. 21
Find a [MOD] in game and post it on the Forum for rewards!
Celebrate CFS 2018 National Finals
Oct. 18-Oct. 21
Play the competitive maps and earn Celebrate weapons!
[MOD] Play
Oct. 18-Oct. 18
Play every Thursday with a [MOD] on Delta Channel 3 for special Mod Capsules!
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