RP Bonus - October Special
Oct. 01-Oct. 31
Amazing bonus items with every recharge of 30,000 RP or more! All of October!
Monthly Arsenal
Oct. 01-Oct. 31
Log in, play and collect kills this October to get new equipment!
Sniper Week and Knife Week
Oct. 12-Oct. 25
Are you a sniper or CQC expert? Find out and earn GP and various capsules!
Daily Playtime Event
Oct. 12-Oct. 25
Play every day to collect your daily rewards - stack up on GP and miscellaneous RP capsules!
Player's Choice Sale
Oct. 12-Oct. 25
The community's favorite capsules - get them and get some Free RP Capsule Tickets on top!
Noble Beast III RP Capsule Special Offer
Oct. 12-Oct. 25
Buy packs of 30 or 50 capsules and receive additional FREE capsules on top!
Weekly Featured Map
Oct. 12-Oct. 25
Explore Ankara 2.0 and Eagle Eye and receive new equipment!
Hyper, Hyper!
Sep. 28-Oct. 25
New 6th Anniversary RP Hyper Capsule. Receive a free War Fan when you purchase a pack of 30 or 50 capsules.
Mega EXP and GP Weekend
Oct. 21-Oct. 22
Play this weekend to receive up to 350% bonus EXP and GP!
GM Brawl 20.10.2017
Oct. 20-Oct. 20
Play with the GMs for fun and chats! Receive 1 GM 3 capsule for playing 15 minutes on Alpha, channels 6-10.
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