CROSSFIRE World Challenge
Jun. 16-Jul. 15
Earn Permanent Flag Name Cards in celebration of the worlds largest sporting event! Complete all missions for the permanent Soccer Ball-Gold! *The permanent Soccer Ball-Gold will be delivered after the event ends.
June Weekend Party
Jun. 01-Jul. 01
Play for two hours and get SkyBlue RP capsules.Enjoy 300% to 600% EXP & GP bonus!
June RP Recharger Bonus
Jun. 01-Jun. 30
Get rewarded for your first purchase 10,000 RP or more this month!
Monthly Arsenal June
Jun. 01-Jun. 30
Fulfill your tasks and grab your reward!
Map of the Week
Jun. 21-Jun. 27
Explore the new Map Mine Valley (TDM)!
Beach #BOGO
Jun. 21-Jun. 24
Buy One, Get One of selected RP Capsules!
Pistol Week
Jun. 18-Jun. 24
Show your Skills with a Pistol and aim for precision rewards!
Map of the Week
Jun. 14-Jun. 20
Explore Museum (TDM)!
With Love from Masha
Jun. 07-Jun. 20
The Russian Sniper Masha is available in the Item Shop for two short weeks!
Pre-Order the new VVIP M4A1-S-Guan Yu
Jun. 14-Jun. 19
Pre-order now and save up to 40%! Find the details at our Presale page
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