Server Maintenance 26.10.2017 + Last Chance on these 2 Capsules
Oct. 23
Attention Mercenaries! We will have a scheduled server maintenance on Thursday, October 26th, starting 6 or 7 AM CEST (final time to be confirmed later this week). This maintenance will be longer than usual due to several Windows updates. It can take up to 10 hours. CROSSFIRE will not be availble during that time. The website might not be reachable at all times during the maintenance. We will keep...
Short Maintenance 20.10.2017 11:15 CEST
Oct. 20
Attention Mercenaries! After we got reports about multiple issues, we will have a short maintenance and restart our servers at 11:15 CEST. The game will be back within a few minutes! Thank you for your patience! Team Crossfire Europe
Patch Teaser 26.10.2017
Oct. 20
Attention Mercenaries! Spooky times ahead - it’s Halloween time! We prepared some treats for you to enjoy Crossfire even more during that time. This is what you can expect from next week’s patch: - Halloween Map - Play Elimination and TDM matches on this special holiday map! - Halloween Event - Play on the Halloween Map to make yourself spookier and spookier! - Halloween Spray and Na...
X-Trap Update 18.10.2017
Oct. 19
Attention Mercenaries! We applied an update to X-Trap. With this patch, new cheat programs were added to the detection list for improved security. The patch also resolves issues with Vista HTTP API and audio device software being falsely detected and blocked.Enjoy playing!Team CROSSFIRE Europe
6th Anniversary Lottery Winners and Kill 'em All Challenge
Oct. 12
Attention Mercenaries! The big 6 year anniversary celebration is coming to an end and we want to thank each and every one of you for participating. Everyone should have received their participation reward and, if they were lucky, one of the lottery prizes. Three of you won something special and we would like to share the lucky winners with you: Loquev and AlpinFreak each won the jackpot of 150.000...
Servers are up! 12.10.2017
Oct. 11
Attention Mercenaries! The maintenance is completed, the servers are back online. Click HERE to see the patch notes.Thank you for your patience.Enjoy playing!Team CROSSFIRE Europe
Server Maintenance 12.10.2017 + Last chance on these 2 capsules
Oct. 09
Attention Mercenaries! We will have a scheduled server maintenance on Thursday, October 12th, starting 7 AM CEST.The maintenance will take approximately 6 hours. CROSSFIRE will not be available during that time. The website might not be reachable at all times during the maintenance.We will keep you updated about when the servers will be available again.Last chance for gold lovers: The Rock and Gol...
ESL Go4Crossfire Europe Cup Series is back!
Oct. 08
Attention Mercenaries! The Go4Crossfire Europe Cup Series returns this Sunday, October 8th! Play weekly tournaments in a competitive environment and win money and in-game items in the monthly finals!Sign up for the following dates:October 8th October 15th October 22nd October 29th With the Friday Night Cups, there are now two weekly tournaments for you to play real competetive games. Get your team...
+++Last Day+++ Player Survey CROSSFIRE Europe
Oct. 02
+++Update+++Today is the last day to let us know what you think is going well and what should be improved in Crossfire Europe. We will close the survey tomorrow.Thank you to everybody who already took part!+++Update+++Attention Mercenaries! We are relentlessly working on improving CROSSFIRE Europe to make it the best gaming experience possible for you. For this purpose we would like to ask for you...
Results 6th Anniversary Showdown Event
Sep. 29
Attention Mercenaries! The results of the 6th Anniversary Showdown Event are out! Congratulations to our eight number one winners: ZANA.EFT, Lt*Alup]IguS, T-Sizzle, NEB0, Sajmonek, Krantz, chuck*NO*ris and nrgo ! For the complete list of rewards please checke the event page. You can find the complete lists of top 50 players for each category in the forums: Winners FFA Winners Grenade Winners Knife...
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