Important - Your Account Security
Jan. 31
Attention Mercenaries! 
Here are some rules and tricks to keep your account safe: 


Do not share your account data. 
Do not buy or sell accounts. 
Do not use third party programs. 
Any of the above will end up with you losing your account. 

1. Account Sharing 

It is forbidden! Traded accounts or accounts offered for trading will be banned permanently
Point 3.a. of the Terms of Use forbids any kind of account sharing or trading. You are responsible for the security of your account data. Do not share it, do not save or store it in unsafe places. Every account we see being shared, traded or offered for trade will be banned permanently. 

2. Account Data 

Safest way to keep your account secure: Don’t tell anybody your credentials. 
We often hear about “stolen accounts”. We also heard concerns that changing the e-mail address with just the account ID and password would make the account unsafe. As stated above: You are responsible for your account credentials.
Do not share your password.
Do not share your account ID.
Game Masters and Moderators will never ask you for your Account ID or password.

Do not trust any email addresses requesting account information from you. We will only contact you from "".

Nobody you want to connect with needs to know more than your in-game or forum name. On top, make sure you do not use unsafe third party programs. Do not use websites that sell hacks or advertise free RP. There is no such thing as free RP. This is a scam! If you follow all of this, your account is pretty safe and it will be really hard to gain access.

3. Third Party Programs

Don’t. Using third party programs jeopardizes your account security and is forbidden.
Using third party programs to manipulate the game is forbidden by paragraph 4 of the Terms of Use. Whenever we can verify third party programs being used, the account will be banned permanently. Using third party programs can also compromise your account security, as they can be used to gather your account data and gain access to your account. 

In conclusion: If you take good care of your account data and computer security, your account should be safe. This will save you a lot of hustle and nuisance, trying to recover your account.
Should you happen to lose access to your account despite following all the steps above, feel free to contact us for help anytime!
Thank you for reading and thank you for keeping your account safe!
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