An international mercenary corporation Global Risk is a home to discharged soldiers from special military forces around the globe. These soldiers share one thing in common: A past marked by grief and pain. Global Risk with its experienced veterans from special units could successfully expand by accomplishing difficult missions at magazines around the world. Global Risk has never participated in a war regardless of how much money is at the stake if they did not have a valid reason. The company continues to fight against the terrorists in different parts of the globe to protect and live by their belief.
This is what differentiates Global Risk from company Black List that carries out terrorist activities regardless of the age and the sex of the victims, as long as the operations generate profit. Main clients of Global Risk are neutral countries without standing armies, target countries of terrorists, and UN X-file Department of Management who carry out strictly confidential missions.
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Global Risk is a mercenary corporation of former soldiers of renowned special units from across the globe. A borderless company of soldiers, Global Risk was founded by Alex Lloyd, a former member of the SAS, British Army’s Special Air Service. After the company was founded initially, it grew into what it is today in the hands of Michael Norman, an American entrepreneur. Following the founding mission of Alex Lloyd, the commander and the president of the company, Global Risk performs secret missions and fights against terrorist activities to maintain the world peace. Some criticize the company as a for-profit organization actually ruled under the control of powerful countries and capitalism. Indeed, many talented soldiers of the company escaped from their units during missions proposed by the US and England’s seemingly peace-oriented missions.

GRX, the team in charge of special missions within the unit, normally perform joint operation with the Department of Management of UN X-File. Employees of the department plans out the mission and GRX implements it. However, no one knows what kinds of missions have been implemented, including the soldiers of the unit.

On the other hand, Black List is a mercenary company dedicated to carrying out special missions on behalf of the rebel forces and terrorist units. It is unknown who founded Black List. Although operated in the form of a company, Black List is not officially registered as a business entity, therefore, not affected by laws of any country. Rumors say the company is being operated under the sponsorship of a big shot who runs the English diamond market. Black List mainly takes mission requests from weaker countries instead of strong ones and is not favored by powerful countries such as the US and England.

Black List merely appears as a terrorist supporting mercenary company but actually has the mission of representing the benefits of weaker countries who cannot thrive in the world ruled by powerful countries. Indeed, many agents of Black List come from the Middle Eastern background, coming from countries like Palestine.

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