February. 18. 2016
Crossfire Europe - February Grenades&Knives Update
Equip your melee weapon and join the deadly fight in Jungle Temple! Only the knive masters will s...
January. 08. 2016
Crossfire Europe - January Final Arena Big Bear Update
Big Bear challanges you in Final Arena Advanced Mode! Hunt the Big Bear and get the bbig trophy! ...
December. 10. 2015
Crossfire Europe - December Bot Match Update
Christmas brings the Bot Match Mode to Crossfire! You can play against the Bots and increase your ga...
November. 12. 2015
Crossfire Europe - November Final Arena Update
Final Arena welcomes the brave soldiers! Only the most skilled ones can survive in the New Biohazard...
November. 12. 2015
Crossfire Europe - VVIP Desert Eagle-Born Beast
Desert Eagle - Born Beast
October. 15. 2015
Crossfire Europe - Halloween 2015 Update
Halloween time in Crossfire! Prepare to scare your your opponents in the special Halloween maps with...
September. 17. 2015
Crossfire Europe - CF 2.0 Update
CF 2.0 is coming with many improvements that will double your gaming experience and fun! Renewed ...
August. 13. 2015
Crossfire Europe - Neck Twist Update
Neck Twist Mode comes with August 2015 Update! Sneak up to your opponents and take them down without...
July. 2. 2015
Crossfire Europe - Weapon Collection Update
July 2015 Update brings the a new mode and system! Weapon Collection: Collect and conbine to get uni...
June. 10. 2015
Crossfire Europe - Death Rally Bike Update
Subway (S&D) and Death Rally-Bike(Bio) maps ara available with the June update! 1 new VVIP and 4 bra...
May. 13. 2015
Mutant Knight Mode Update
Brand new Mutant Knight Mode comes with 2 brand new maps Mysterious Island - Desert Fortress! New Te...
Apr. 15. 2015
Crossfire Europe April Update
EMD Lab Adv. Mode, Fashion Mall, Jade Sets and many events! Login Crossfire Europe today to see more...
Mar. 12. 2015
Crossfire Europe March Super Soldier TD Update
Here comes the Super Soldier TD mode! 8 VS 8 Team Death Match while using the Wave Mode Classes and ...
Feb. 05. 2015
Crossfire Europe February Death Rally Update
Speed of racing and fun of shooter games combined in Death Rally (Biohazard)! Special capsules,i...
Jan. 08. 2015
Crossfire Europe January 2015 Update
New year comes with a brand new mode! Mutant VS Ghost is a hide and seek style mode which you can ha...
Dec. 11. 2014
Crossfire Europe December Update
Christmas time in Crossfire Europe! New maps, new weapons, new gears! Stay tuned for surprise Christ...
Dec. 11. 2014
M4A1-S-Born Beast is available for pre-order now!
Nov. 6. 2014
Crossfire Europe November Update
New Clan system is available with the November update! We are celebrating the CFS 2014 with the CFS ...
Oct. 8. 2014
Crossfire Europe October Halloween Update
Halloween time in Crossfire Europe! New maps, new weapons, new gears! Stay tuned for surprise Hallow...
Sep. 22. 2014
CROSSFIRE STARS 2014 Grand Final
221,000 USD Prize pot! Date : 5th Dec. ~ 7th Dec. 2014 (3days)
Sep. 11. 2014
Crossfire Europe September 2014 Devastated City Update
September update brings the Devastated City to Crossfire Europe! Apart from a new map new TOE Tag Ti...
Sep. 4. 2014
Kukri Beast Trailer
Pre-order Kukri Beast to save up-to 30% and get the following bonus items: Mauser M1896-Royal dra...
Jul. 17.2014
Crossfire Europe July 2014 Sandstorm Update
July 2014 Sandstorm update comes with: 1 new map, 2 new classes and Golden Blaster available for Wa...
Jul. 13. 2014
Crossfire Europe June World Cup Update
Crossfire Europe is celebrating the World Cup 2014 with Soccer Mode (TD) which comes with Stadium ma...
Jun. 4. 2014
Thompson Infernal Dragon Pre-Order
Legendary Thompson Infernal Dragon is available for pre-order now! Old world weaponry with new wo...
May. 21. 2014
CrossFire Europe - May 2014 Update Teaser
May 2014 Update comes with new maps, new weapons and events!
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